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From our signature PremeZ strains to our handcrafted CBD infused edibles, our products are made with quality and care.

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Guaranteed to satisfy the most supplicated palate that appreciates high quality organic coffee. We taste tested our grinds with coffee aficionados who were pleasantly impressed with the extent that the PREMEZ blend added to their daily routine. Introduce your taste buds to the pleasure of our coffee and experience the CBD difference.

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Will I fail a drug test?

This topic is much debated but a great question and concern. If you take “FULL SPECTRUM” products either topical or orally there is a possibility that it could show as a positive test. The probability of having a positive test result from short term use of “Full Spectrum” is highly unlikely. However, we would recommend “Broad Spectrum” products to be on safe side.

Will it make me high?

CBD containing the legal amount of 0.3% THC will not make you high

Does it really work?

Unfortunately, some of the products available on the market don’t have high-quality CBD. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet approved any non-prescription CBD products. Some scammers take full advantage of that fact by selling low-quality products that aren’t labeled accurately.

This is why PREMEZ should be your preferred source for CBD products. We are reputable, have licensed pharmacist compounding our products and only provide top quality CBD exclusively.

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“The store is upscale and nice. The edibles are delicious and that pineapple ginger seamoss is everything😍. I was skeptical about it because I never had it and the look of it was throwing me off. Since I have been taking it daily it has boosted my energy and I’m still working on my weight loss goals but so far it is awesome 😎”

— Robertta T.

“My first time going and using a CBD product. I would have to say I enjoyed the experience . The store was wonderful. The associates at the store were very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. Very clean store and a wonderful selection of products. Great location as well.”

— Stephen J.

Best CBD shop in the University Area hands down. Knowledgeable staff, great products, and enjoyable experience.
If you visit you gotta try the D8 Moon Rock 🔥!

— Brandon M.